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Step 1

Dispute Credit Report Errors

  • Order a copy of your three credit reports and their scores
  • Review and compare each report for discrepancies
  • Send a customized letter to each credit bureau to dispute errors and request verification for negative items in your report
  • Dispute hard inquiries on credit report that you do not recognize. If your score is below 680 inquiries can lower your score by 5 to 15 points

Step 2

Contact Creditors Directly

For verified negative items that remain on your credit report, contact creditors to negotiate the removal of remaining questionable and derogatory information from your file. This usually works if you are a long-term customer with an outstanding balance; it’s best to explain to the company you have experienced hard times that prevented you from paying your bills on time. Most creditors have the ability to do a goodwill removal if you would otherwise have a decent payment history.

Step 3

Pay Down Revolving Debt

Pay credit card and revolving debt down to 30% of the available limit.

Step 4

Increase Credit Limits

Ask your creditor to increase your available credit limit, which will tilt the ratio of your revolving debt in your favor. Do not increase spending because your limit is raised.

Step 5

Add unsecured or secured Credit Cards

Another way to increase your total available credit is by bringing down your overall ratio of revolving debt is to add a credit card. Unsecured and Secured Credit Cards, Gas Cards, and department store credit cards are all forms of revolving credit.

Step 6

Become an Authorized Credit Card User

Becoming an authorized user of someone who has good payment history will add a positive account to your credit file without you having to apply for credit or being penalized for adding new credit.

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Never close credit card accounts. always work with creditors to help repair account.

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