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There’s never been a better time…

There’s never been a better time to sell a home in the Charleston Market. At Higher Heights Real Estate and Mortgage, our goal is to make selling your property a rewarding experience!

HH Real Estate and Mortgage boasts a team of experienced agents who are familiar with the Charleston real estate market and equipped with a cutting-edge marketing strategy to sell your home. From Day One, we will take you through the step-by-step process to get your home sold.


with other realtors out there, why choose hh Real Estate and mortgage

Here’s why our clients recommend us:

  • Maximum home exposure
  • Thorough knowledge of the Charleston real estate market
  • Comprehensive step-by-step marketing plan
  • Competitive fees
  • Access to Cash Back Reward program

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Home Selling Process

phase 1: Getting started

Conduct a comparative market analysis

⦠Determine the listing price

⦠Prepare home for marketing

phase 2: Marketing

⦠Enter data in MLS

⦠Install Yard Sign

⦠Open House for Realtor and/or public

phase 3: NEgotiation

⦠Review offers
⦠Accept offer or counter offer
⦠Hold a “meeting of the minds” for all parties to agree and sign the contract

phase 4: Contingency

⦠Ensure buyer’s mortgage starts the loan process
⦠Conduct a home inspection, funded by buyer
⦠Conduct a termite inspection
⦠Get the home appraised, funded by buyer
⦠Perform a title search

phase 5: closing or final sale

⦠Final walk through
⦠Meet with closing attorney, seller and seller’s agent to transfer the ownership of

The team at HH Real Estate and Mortgage will work to make the home selling process as quick and painless as possible, especially for clients putting their home on the market for the first time

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